Social Media for Dummies 101 Part 2

Social Media for Dummies 101 Part 2

3 other popular social media marketing platforms you need to know of

First, a disclaimer, the above heading for this series of articles is not a statement asserting that those who love social media are dummies, far from it! And although the heading is in English – pardon our French, ‘e get as the economy go do you and you go dey think say na another thing’. So please leave your ego inside your pocket and let WDK teach you something. Tains and God bless.

We are so excited about this companion series because it is meant to be a ‘do it yourself’ kind of approach towards social media and the responses from the part 1 “Becoming a Social Media Badass” were very great that part 2  just had to be done.

Now our elders say you do not go at night to catch a black goat. What this means under the circumstances of our above heading is that in order to get customers, you must understand them. Firstly, rarely do customers only use one form of social media platform. For instance there is hardly any girl who is just on Snapchat without also being on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Shey you feel me? So if you want to know who that new girl truly is, stalk her on all platforms. Lol – seriously though, hunt for customers on all platforms.

The following are some popular social media platforms asides Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

  1. LinkedIn
    LinkedIn, at the time of writing this article, is the largest business related social network platform currently available, with more than 79 million users. Here, users can use functions such as resumes, groups, applications and events to find new leads and advance careers.
  2. Pinterest
    This is a social media platform that allows you use striking visuals to lead your customers to your content. For those with businesses that depend heavily on visuals, say the photography and film industry, Pinterest is an app where you can come to find inspiration.
  3. Tumblr
    This platform was developed to enable users easily share multimedia. At the time when it was purchased by Yahoo, it boasted of 200 million active blogs. You can use it to read up on any subject, especially your product niche or display creative contents that Tumblr users are in need of.

One important thing to note here is that your product doesn’t necessarily need to be on these platforms but they give you a free avenue where you can come to find inspiration on how to further run your social media handles on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, hence helping your handles to be always dynamic and ahead of the competition.


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