Social Media for Dummies 101 Part 1

Social Media for Dummies 101 Part 1

Becoming a Social Media Badass

First, a disclaimer, the above heading for this series of articles is not a statement asserting that those who love social media are dummies, far from it! And although the heading is in English – pardon our French, ‘e get as the economy go do you and you go dey think say na another thing’. So please leave your ego inside your pocket and let WDK teach you something. Tains and God bless.

Moving on, let us go in to the matter on ground.

When you hear of social media, you think Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc (See part 2 of SMFD 101 for other social media marketing options you should consider using). Now the first step to getting acquainted with social media is exploration. Explore these mediums as much as possible – check out the mobile apps, then the desktop apps in order to know how to better engage your customers on these platforms and also what functions they offer. After you are done doing this, you home in on your niche market on each platforms, for instance if you are a graphics designer, you identify the top graphics designer handles on IG, see what they do that work and see what works for you.

The following are useful marketing guidelines to use when you have come this far.

  1. It is essential that you are satisfying a vital need of your client.
    Online, customers are flooded with a myriad of competitors too happy to be giving something valuable to your clients. So make sure if anything, you are the first stop among the park.
  2. Isolate social media influencers.
    There are people on social media who influence and impact your customers decisions. Influential bloggers are an easy first choice, for example @eatdrinklagos is a food blogging site that is quite influential in the food and cuisine niche. If for instance you are a chef, it makes sense to invite them for reviews or pay them to write and talk about you.
  3. Do not isolate yourself to one social media platform.
    There is nothing like overkill. Attack your customers everywhere – lol, okay not so seriously. But engage them on the platforms you know they congregate, for instance in the music sphere, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube, iTunes are very amazing and popular platforms, but that shouldn’t prevent you from checking out SoundCloud, Spotify, etc.
  4. Let your brand voice be consistent.
    Do not contradict yourself on your social media platforms, if not, you would come across as a liar and your brand cannot be trusted. So be consistent with your voice.
  5. Use product key words always when engaging your clients.
    Find out the words customers or consumers use in describing your range of products online, especially the positives and use these words when talking about your product online. But before that, make sure that these key words can also be applied in describing your product by having an amazing one in the first place.

That should get you started on your amazing journey towards being a social media badass.

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