Oga… Madam… go and get a website!

Oga… Madam… go and get a website!

How websites improve your business.

So wait, you do not have a website? Okay oh. Let me ask you one question sef, you are aware this is a digital age and most people are almost always on their mobile devices and or computers right? Yes? No? So what if people wanted to find out information about your company on the go, just how do you expect them to do it aunty, uncle – how?

Truth is, the world has moved past a stage where companies with minimal online presences can thrive and as such it is essential that in order to attract the kind of businesses we are thinking you want to attract, you would at least be willing to give your company a bigger platform on where to source said potential businesses and or clients from. This helps you consequently improve your sales as it increases your customers too.

You may say you are already on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you don’t need a website. Well for those who fall into this category, click here for why social media is not the same thing as a website.


And for those not of the above category and still doubting if you should get a website, oga… madam… let the following points attempt to convince you please. Thanks.

  1. Advertising Cheapartiko (Cheap Advertising)
    If you had ever advertised on TV, radio or a newspaper daily before, you know how expensive it costs. First off, having a website is one of the cheapest and easily affordable way of advertising your business, in that it costs little or next to almost anything to keep it up once it has been designed.
  2.  Tatafo made easy (Ease of communication)
    Having a website makes it much more easier to communicate to your customers (you read the over emphasis right – much, more). People willing to do business with you need not waste time to come over to your office to meet you in person. All they need do is check your site and contact you from it, especially one designed with love and care, where all the information on your business and FAQs are available for them to interact with.
  3. Take it inside (accessibility)
    You remember how sad it was to get to a bank by 5pm and be told you couldn’t do a certain kind of transaction because working hours were over, right? You remember how easy it is now to just do the same thing through online transfer, at any time of the day right? For companies that operate under the usual 9 – 5 working hours, I am sure you’ve had to turn customers away because of the closing period. Well guess what? With a website, just as illustrated above, you do not need to think of that anymore. An online site can be visited at any point in time at any period of the day. It is more available and accessible, just make sure the website is done right.
  4.  Follow come (Fresh)
    For companies that want that definitive original and fresh edge to their businesses, almost the same edges those ‘follow come’ items have with the electronics they come with, have a website, keep a blog. It helps you be dynamic, organic and seemingly always open to do business which I am sure is the feeling you want to project.
  5. Chewing gumming (great business relationship)
    Lol – don’t let the header fool you, having a website won’t make you clingy or like a stalker, but it would improve your business relationships with your customers as you can easily get a mailing list off your site and communicate to them in general or in particular. This way, your costomers always feel taken care of, important and loved. Also you get to stay on their minds too, which I am sure is where you want to be.

There are also many more reasons why you need to get a website, but this post is not supposed to take the place of a technical class, it is only just a friendly conversation from a friend. So what do you think oga? Madam? Oya go and get your website oh-h-h-h! *clapping accusatory*


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