Logos and why you even need them sef!

Logos and why you even need them sef!

In Nigerian parlance, ‘sef’ is used when you want to know why people decide to even bother about certain concepts or actions or make certain moves.

So for those of you who went to your brand adviser or digital marketing expert or branding company and you were told to change your logos and then you wondered – but what is wrong with the old one? Why do I even need one sef? Here are three very valuable reasons why you need a good logo sef!!!

  1. Sorry to break it to you mate but first impressions still matter.
    Before a representative of your company or outfit goes to pitch an idea, walk into the door or anything, before clients decide to pick up their phones to call you, before anyone decides to do business with you, they almost always consider your logo foremost as they decide whether your brand can be trusted or not.
    When people can easily remember your logo, trust me, you have a competitive edge already. But if you are not satisfied, ask yourself these salient questions – would you want to sincerely wear a shirt with your logo on it? If you were going to do business with you, and you saw your logo, what emotion is the first thing that runs through your mind – sef!
  2. Don’t you want customers again – sef?
    Without the luxury of paid adverts, or any of such publicity, customers unconsciously use logos to judge if they should be involved with your brand or not. When you take into consideration the fact that each and every potential customer are swarmed daily by a plethora of logos daily, you would understand that they can easily recognize a good or great one when they see it. Consequently, by sending the right messages and emotion through your logo to your customers, they potentially choose to do business with you over other competitors with subpar logos. Or don’t you want customers again sef?
  3. Stand a head above the competition
    When you go through a glossary of companies that do similar jobs or render similar services as your outfit or company does, you begin to notice something – nothing is new under the sun. by that we mean that there should potentially be a thousand and one companies out there rendering the same services that you do. Standing out by differentiating yourself from the pack is crucial to winning customers to yourself. What better way to do it than with the first thing you have control over even before you begin to engage a customer to do business with?


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