I’m on social media, I don’t need a website. Huh?!!

I’m on social media, I don’t need a website. Huh?!!

Wait, wait, wait. Hold up a second.

So you are probably very active on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Maybe you even got an active Facebook page or group and then you think – ‘what the heck, I don’t really need a website when I can take all my online activities to social media’. Just wait, while there are several ways to skin a cat and nothing is set in stone, the advantage of having a website (a destination site) is still enormous and preferred to communicating over social media, for the following reasons I would like to talk about. So pop corn? Aye. Seat belts fastened? Aye. Lets fly!!!

  1. Image is everything
    This is a fact that cannot be overemphasized. In this particular world and clime, a company that is overly active on social media without a website is a company without a face.
  2. Building your deliberate circle of influence
    It is necessary that every company has a list of users and customers that they directly influence with their product, a database of clients serviced, users touched, etc. imagine if for some reason Facebook closes your page and you lose all your users, what then are you going to do next?
  3. For search purposes
    Except you are big on gossip, chances are that when you are in a fix and need information, you still go to Google to search for product or company details, not a product or company’s Instagram handle or Snapchat and what not. And if you are serious about doing business, you will want to be high up those google search results by having a website, first.
  4. Community
    Customers in this day and clime are not just looking for one time orders but every product is a potential relationship we want to form. One tool that aids in creating a community is a website. With a website, it is easy to have a blog to connect and interact and also control the narrative of your product which is infinitely much more important in building anticipation for your product in a placebo effect type way. Your client enjoys your service and product more than usual.

Truth is there is no such thing as too much publicity. But publicity has to be deliberate and done because you care enough that you are willing to engage your customers or clients in a much more personal way. This is always key to building a bigger, stronger, better and more important brand and an infinitely more successful product.


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