How to make your website PENG!!!

How to make your website PENG!!!

If you’re reading this, it means you have gotten a website already. Well clap for yourself, but just for those who haven’t yet gotten themselves a website yet and are still wondering why even bother, well read our post here.

Moving on, so you took the big step, you got a website created, now you’re wondering how best to optimize it, make it awesome and PENG like firewood jollof rice? Well, here are some few steps on how to ‘take it outside’.

Design and functionality is key to PENGNESS!

First off, just how well was your website designed? And just how functional is it? Now remember that while both go hand in hand, an amazing design doesn’t guarantee you a great functional website but a website that takes functionality serious is almost always the off shoot of good design. I’ll explain shortly. A website can contain beautiful and very emotionally moving colors, when your cursor hovers over an image it can transform, the pictures can be amazing and well put together, but without functionality, all this would be for naught, because a website is only as good as the function it serves. For instance, if you need a website for sale of cosmetic products, the functionality of this website should be display of products and ease of customers doing business with you (shopping, payment, delivery etc). Your primary aim would be the above and the design should be such that the above is embellished not stunted. Remember you want to make your website PENG not GLAM. Any design that stunts functionality is a no – no to PENGness. Once you’ve got that checked, then you can move on to the next points.

  1. Always available
    Avoid downtime. Your website should always be operational 24 hours every day and 7 days a week. This is because for every downtime it experiences, customers using your site would immediately, consciously or unconsciously, link this to what to experience when doing business with you. Customers must be able to access your website at any time convenient for them. Most people would appreciate the convenience of finding their needs met by just surfing through your website than by filling a form or sending you an email or making an inquiry.
  2. Interaction and communication is key
    You remember the saying that people do not care to know what you know until they know how much you care? Well it is true for websites too. Keep in touch with your subscribers and you stand a chance of being remembered by them more. Simple blog posts, regular emails, newsletters are ways in which you can better do this, keep your brand in their minds, so that they develop a trust for you.
  3. Share your specific expertise
    It is not enough to just give information to your site visitors. Go for that personal touch by giving them specific advice on your area of interest and from your experiences. This personal touch would convince customers that you care about them enough to make things personal. For instance if you have a website for an accounting firm, just posting on auditing and tax clearance isn’t enough, but posting how you helped in a particular instance with a client is enough to close the sale.

Start off with doing the following and trust me when we say your website would be PENGGGG!!!


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