Digital Marketing 101

Digital Marketing 101

Hello class, if you’ve made it this far into our posts, then it means you are really committed to making your brand more effective and for that we commend you. This is the next phase of your journey, so without much ado, welcome to the world of digital marketing.

Come again, digital what now?

Well, digital marketing. This simply means promoting your products or brands on more than one form of electronic media by using channels that enable you measure if your strategy is useful or not or if your strategy making sense or not. Shey I am making sense? For instance, those Youtube and Instagram views you see are being measured by digital marketers to tell just how many people are interested in the video or not. From the numbers of estimated people interested, you can tell how many people are really into your product or not.

Okay, we’ve heard you, but why is this important?

See, first things first, because of the access to phones of different types and sizes and of course, the internet, digital media just became very mad and popular. This has both advantages and disadvantages, for instance if I wanted to know about your product all I need to do is check the internet and if a competitor has put up a bad review on your product or services, that becomes the narrative that is being spread. People leave thinking your product is trashy and that is not so. Or is it now? Well if it is not so, you need to control how people see your brand, except it is trash – in that case you can leave it for LAWMA.

Okay, okay, so how do I start this digital marketing stuff?

Calm down, as long as you have an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook account and a website, you are well on the way of harnessing the opportunities offered by digital marketing. With these tools, you must be committed to not just knowing your customers, but also knowing them better than anybody else in order to tell when, where and how they would be most receptive to your messages and products.

Knowing the above is what digital marketers make their job. And with this knowledge, they engage your audiences better and grow new converts to your glorious gospel.


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